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7. Voice Class on the Cycladic Island of Tinos (july 06 – july 16, 2017)

The 7th Summer Music Academy in Arnados 2017 offers a voice masterclass taking place in the cultural center in the rooms of the historical school house of Arnados. Under the guidance of the mezzo soprano Regula Baenziger and the pianist and composer Johannes Schild the workshop provides inspiring artistical experiences along with an unforgettable holiday time in the unique environment of the light-drenched island of Tinos.  

The course is intended for music enthusiasts of any age and of any educational level, up to advanced students who wish to study their repertoire and enhance their stage presence under professional support. Daily lessons will be given at the main hall of the school as well as on the atrium stage in the backyard of the building. The main subject of the course will be classical opera repertoire with a particular reference to the Greek song tradition of the 20 century. A final concert of the participants will complete the course.  

                                              foto: Ron Walkey